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SocialTree is a multi-purpose project, which is currently in the process of multi-stage execution with the involvement of a consortium of Eastern European and Mid-Asian companies in those regions. The execution of this project will result in  immense economic, social and ecological benefits, by the creation on a modular basis and the long term management of plantations of fast growing tree species Paulownia spp, for yielding quality timber, biomass, carbon emissions trading and the raw material base for the creation and exploitation of other supporting industries.

We provide access to large land reserves of irrigated terrains suitable for the purpose, which are also suitable for co-cultivation of other cultures (agroforestry), established and tested highly efficient technology at all stages of the project, in accordance with the best world practices, with the possibility of adaptation to different climatic and soil conditions, well-trained and experienced local staff. 
Among the companies in the consortium are leading European firms with more than 11 years of experience in this business. The project is adaptive, designed to be adjustable to execution in separate, different in size modules, and in other suitable regions throughout the world, based on investor interest, and in different forms of collaborative activity. 

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